About KT Manufacturing

We’re your trusted partner in keeping you supplied with all your compliance needs.

Our Story

anufacturing was established in 2013 as a wholesaler of nationally certified erosion control products. Centrally based in the Treasure Valley in south-western Idaho, mobilization of our entire product line is swift and simple with available shipping throughout the continental United States. 

Our straw wattle and drain inlet bags are recognized on Idaho Transportation Department’s Qualified Product List. At the core of who we are and what we do is quality. From the fabric used in each drain inlet bag, to the national-standard certified straw used in every foot of wattle, KT Manufacturing competitively maintains excellence in every single product.

KT Manufacturing exists to provide the highest quality wholesale erosion control and environmental compliance products on the market today. We strive to add value to people and projects that matter.

We perform at a level which raises the bar and causes everyone in the field to rise to that standard. We aim beyond the target to ensure that we punch right through. We do not merely manufacture products; we create items that deliver for people and projects that matter. Adding value to these people and projects is the reason we do what we do. At KT Manufacturing, our focus is quality…in everything. The centrality of this focus is unmatched by anything except the overarching goal of serving our team and our customers…the people who truly matter.